Mental Health

Countless factors contribute to a person’s mental health – genetics, lifestyle, gender, age, diet, medical conditions, social and environmental factors… Your struggles are unique to you and may at times feel too big to deal with, but it is possible to re-establish significant stability. Dr. Sjovold’s personal experience with burnout makes her uniquely understanding of what it takes to journey back to wholeness.

Commonly Treated Conditions And Symptoms:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression/Moodiness
  • Burnout
  • Fatigue/Decreased stamina
  • Poor memory/Lack of concentration
  • Sleep problems

Services Include

  • Blood, saliva and urine testing to assess for proper nutrient status (e.g., B12, vitamin D), hormones (e.g., adrenal, sex, thyroid) and neurotransmitter balance (e.g., Costisol, Progesterone, Thyroid)
  • Consideration of other factors that influence mental health, such as: food sensitivities, digestive health, heavy metals (e.g., Mercury, Lead)
  • Individualized treatment using a combination of botanical herbs, nutritional supplements (e.g., amino acids, B vitamins), IV nutrient therapy, hydrotherapy, acupuncture, and pharmaceuticals (e.g., bioidentical hormone replacement therapy) to rebalance the neuro-endocrine axes of the body

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About Me

Dr. Sarah Sjovold grew up in a family that valued the use of natural medicines. Thanks to this early exposure, and after receiving both alternative and conventional medicine for a chronic illness, Dr. Sjovold developed a deep appreciation for the art of healing.

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